On the last day of June or the first day of July, I finally sat down to see whether I could identify the problem with my sewing machine. I threaded it and sewed a couple lines on a scrap. The stitching looked fine, with no clunking noises as before. I was thankful but puzzled. I oiled the machine according to the manual and will see if it continues to work.

I had already been looking at and dreaming about used machines on Craigslist. I have a Singer 3343C, which was a gift from my parents many years ago. I believe this is an entry-level mechanical model. I haven’t been really excited about this machine. To be fair, it could be that I have not sewn enough to make a good judgment. I have had problems with seams puckering on several different woven fabrics–a mid-weight polyester, lightweight cotton, and light-mid cotton/polyester blend. I have tried adjusting the tension and using different needles without great results. I have taken the machine for servicing and they said the tension was fine. Is the problem user error or machine mechanics?

Anyway, it’s a good thing that it seems to be working, and I’m ready to pronounce some goals for this month. The goals are fairly small: hem a pair of pants, add bra cups to a sundress, and sew a pillow.